Niagara Furniture Stores – Refined in the Heart of the Falls

A variety of furniture stores are located with the Niagara region-serving people with all different preferences to style and practicality. Niagara furniture stores are there to meet all of your furniture needs, answer any questions and to provide efficient, quality service. Our furniture showrooms are a short drive from the falls to serve and assist you efficiently.

Whether you are looking for a specific piece or wishing to furnish a designated room in your house, stores like Critelli’s and Transitions are the place to go. Located in St. Catherine’s, in the heart of the Niagara region, they strive to offer everything you could need in furniture. From loveseats to mattresses and dining room sets they have you covered, not matter what you are looking for. With two different stores, one specializing in traditional styled furniture like Stickley’s. The other store, Transitions focuses on modern and contemporary styles. With a wide range of style, they are sure to provide the necessary pieces for your home.

Niagara furniture stores like Critelli’s and Transitions have a focus on service and strive to offer the best for their customers. Through their website, they showcase their product and the brands they carry in the stores. They also offer a wonderful live help service online. Making it no longer as necessary to call, you can now send a instant message through the website and promptly receive a response to any question. This is a very helpful and progressive way of offering customer service.

Niagara furniture stores also strive to serve through being accessible. Whether in St.Catherines or at the falls, shops like Critelli’s are accessible to anyone in the Niagara region or to those passing through. The Niagara region boasts of wonderful vineyards, bed and breakfasts as well as tourist locations like the Niagara Falls. If you desire to take a trip to Niagara, why not stop by and visit Critelli’s for any furniture inquiry you have. They may offer exactly what you are looking for. Critelli’s desires to bring the highest quality of furniture to the Niagara region.

If you desire a wide range of variety, quality and service and a experience, why not head to Niagara, to take in the view of the falls, tastes of wine and bring home a piece of wonderful Niagara furniture from Critelli’s. With exceptional service and product locating Niagara furniture will be a cinch with Critelli’s.


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