Niagara Furniture – Modern Wonder of the World

If the finest of quality is important your lifestyle, then you will want to look into Niagara Furniture? With plenty of selection it’s easy to find what you’re looking, and in the Niagara region there are a few quality Niagara furniture stores offering well-known brands within a short drive from the falls for you to visit. Finding the furniture you desire in the Niagara Falls area can be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Expect quality to be a focus of Niagara furniture, stores like Critelli Furniture in St Catharines offer only the highest quality of brands and have a high standard for what they will sell. They desire to offer their customers the best, and that the furniture be perfect fit for their customers. Above all, Critelli’s desires that every customer leaves satisfied that they have received and excellent, quality, timeless piece that will fit with their home and lifestyle. Two stores that we recommend are, Critelli Furniture which specializes in traditional furniture and Transitions Furniture which has a focus on modern and contemporary styles.

These top Niagara furniture stores carry some of the leading brands in furniture across the world. Critelli’s carries brands like Stickley furniture, Barrymore & West Brother’s furniture, a world-renowned company who specializes in quality and upholding their legacy. Niagara is a good location for those who prefer the traditional, pieces of Stickley’s. Other top brands like Stressless, American Leather & Calligaris are also available from leading stores like Transitions. Both these stores provides a wide range of products from couches and loveseats to mattresses and dining room tables. If you are looking for reliable brands then you can trust in these to last you a long time for you.

Located in the centre of the Niagara region there is so much to see and to do. When going to select and purchase Niagara furniture why not take in the sights and sounds of beautiful southern Ontario? From local vineyards where you can taste exquisite wines, to the beautiful Niagara Falls, there are many wonderful experiences to be had. Incorporating a family trip into a shopping venture can create memories and offer a relaxing and fun time to see an amazing part of Ontario. Southern Ontario and the Niagara region offers so much to see do and purchase. When looking for furniture remember the quality, brands and wonderful location the heart of Niagara offers.

Critelli’s and Transitions have wonderful furniture showrooms in St. Catherine’s in the Niagara area that highlight these wonderful aspects.  Wine tasting, glorious falls, wonderful restaurants and quality Niagara furniture creates an experience you will never forget.


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